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Aquin Book Fair October 28th- November 5th

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Aquin Mission Statement:

The Aquin System believes in education that is Christ centered and innovative, based on faith, integrity, and truth. The Aquin System believes in commitment to individuals and community, Christian values, and family life. The Aquin System educators in cooperation with its parish communities are committed to providing each individual with knowledge and skills to prepare them for lifelong service to church, community, and the global world.


"It is with great pride and pleasure that I am able to announce that we have reached and exceeded our $100K Tuition Assistance Challenge. This challenge started with an amazing anonymous donor who opened the door to a dream scenario—being able to offer tuition assistance to our families for the rest of our existence as a school. Thanks to our challenge grant that generated $204,000 and fund reallocation, we have earmarked nearly $500,000 for tuition assistance. This translates into roughly $20,000 that will be made available to our students and families each and every year, forever."   -Mr. Haverland, Principal                                                                                 Click to read more...

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Thank you to the Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) for making it possible to purchase a new audio system for our school!



We offer our gratitude to the Monticello Theisen's for their generous donation of funds to upgrade our student laptops!


We offer our sincere thanks to the McDonough Foundation for allowing us to purchase clocks for our school and daycare!


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